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It's your wedding day, so why not do it your way. I can provide non-denominational, religious, non-religious, non-traditional or alternative weddings as well as vow renewals. I can provide a simple, civil ceremony or a more elaborate traditional wedding ceremony. 

Plan your ceremony for a beach, on a boat, your residence, a church, or in the rain forest. All ideas for a custom wedding will be considered. I can adapt to your custom wedding plans whether that means Tuxedo's or sandals on the beach or traditional ethnic attire. 

Light unity candles or create custom arrangements for a fresh personalized ceremony. Use traditional vows, write your own, or I can write them for you, with your participation. This is all about you and your special day.

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Following are most of the parts of a traditional wedding in the order of occurrence.  All of the parts can be used, or only a few.  Items 13 and 22 are the only legal requirements for a marriage in most states. Your wedding ceremony can be customized to suit your needs and beliefs. The highlighted areas are the parts of the ceremony performed by the minister.  The items before and after are coordinated by your wedding planner, family members or close friends of your choosing.

  1. Prelude music - DJ / CD / Band
  2. Seating of the guests
  3. Lighting of candles
  4. Groom’s mother seated
  5. Bride’s mother seated
  6. Aisle cloth unrolled
  7. Vocal music
  8. Processional or Gathering
  9. Opening words/ welcoming
  10. Giving Away / Family Blessing
  11. Charge to the couple
  12. Readings
  13. Vows
  14. Symbolism of the rings
  15. Ring Blessing
  1. Exchange of rings
  2. Unity candle
  3. Rose ceremony
  4. Children of the bride & groom included
  5. Closing
  6. Prayer
  7. Pronouncement of marriage
  8. Embrace / kiss
  9. Presentation of the couple
  10. Recessional
  11. Bride’s parents ushered out
  12. Groom’s parents ushered out
  13. Guests dismissed

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